Vehicle Warning Light Information

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Check Engine (MIL) Light:

Battery/Charging Alert:

Indicates the ECU has set a diagnostics problem. And requires a professional with a diagnostics tool.

Indicates the voltage level is below normal level and the vehicles charging system is malfunctioning. 

Coolant Temperature Warning:

Transmission Temperature:

Indicates the temperature has exceeded its limits. Check your coolant levels.

Indicates the transmission is operating higher than normal temperature. Transmission fluid is hotter than normal.

Oil Pressure Warning:

Oil Change Reminder:

Indicates the loss of oil pressure. Check your oil pressure and level immediately. 

Indicates the the oil life has expired. This is monitored by the ECU. This can be reset by looking in your owners manual.

Service Vehicle Soon:

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System:

Indicates a lighting or other electrical problem, and suggest your vehicle be serviced in order to find the problem.

Indicates the tyre pressure monitoring system has indicated a flat or low pressure tyre.

Brake System:

Reduced Power Warning:

Indicates a problem with either the braking system, brake fluid, ABS or just simply the handbrake is on.

Indicates the ECU has a limited power output. This will be caused by a failed component in its control system.

ABS Light:

Glow Plug (Diesel):

Indicates that the Anti-lock brakes computer has set a fault code and needs to be professionally diagnosed.

On diesel vehicles, this light indicates that the engines glow plugs are warming up, the vehicle should not be started until the light goes out.

DPF Light (Diesel):

Fuel Cap Loose:

Indicates that Diesel Particulate Filter is full, and should be cleaned, replaced or serviced.

Indicates the fuel filler cap is loose, and is not tightened up enough.

Cruise Control:

ESP Fault:

Indicates that the Cruise Control is set whilst driving.

Indicates there is a problem with the vehicles traction control or anti-skid system.

Security Alert:

Lamp Out:

Indicates that the car immobiliser has not deactivated, and needs the proper equipment to restart it.

Indicates there is an exterior light out on the vehicle.

Traction Control:

Door Open:

Indicates when illuminated that the Traction Control is in use whilst driving.

Indicates there is a door open or not closed properly on the vehicle.

Overdrive System:

Airbag Fault:

Indicates when vehicle overdrive system has been turned off.

If this light stays illuminated after starting the engine, it indicates the vehicle has found a fault in your airbag system.

Washer Fluid Reminder:

Fog Lamp:

Indicates that the washer fluid is low in the reservoir. The cap under your bonnet is the one with this logo on.

Indicates that the front/rear fog lights are illuminated.

DEF Light (Diesel):

Indicates that the diesel exhaust reservoir is low on fluid.