Frequently asked questions

Does Remapping affect my warranty?

Any remapping/modification does not show up on any main dealer vehicle diagnostics. So unless you tell the warranty company, they will not be aware of the modification. However, it is not confirmed that a remapping can go undeteced.

How does it affect my engine?

Remapping increases the power and torque of the engine. Depending on how your vehicle is driven depends how reliable the remapping will be for you. If you drive your car in a racing way, it will obviously lower your engine life. If you drive the vehicle as normal, it will improve your engine life, reduce your carbon footprint, and save fuel.

How does remapping affect my fuel consumption?

Depending on what sort of remapping you take, (Performance or Eco) and your driving style, fuel consumption can be dramatially increased/decreased. If you choose performance remapping, with the hope in making your car faster and more responsive, your fuel consumption will decrease due to the style of driving you are doing. However, if you drive as normal after an eco remapping, then your fuel consumption will dramatically improve, and will save you money on refueling.

If I change my mind, can it be reset?

Yes, if you change your mind after the car has been remapped, the process can be completely reversed, and leave no trace on your ECU, or any diagnostics. However, this service is chargable.

Does remapping affect my insurance?

We strongly advise you inform your insurance company if you have any form of remapping/modification services done to your vehicle. This will cover you in the long run. However, that choice is completely down to you.

How much does remapping cost?

Depending on which remapping you are after, or what sort of vehicle you are wanting remapped, depends on the price. For a quote, please contact us on 01282 708 328 or 07973 329 581.





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